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All used cars in the UK are potentially hiding some unwanted history that may well affect the value, ownership and possibly the safety of the owner. Because you will not be able to visibly spot this history, this does not mean you cannot find out just what it is. Doing a vehicle check will tell you about all of the adverse data recorded against it since first registration. 

By entering a registration number below you can investigate any UK registered used vehicle.

A Vehicle history check can also be carried out which will check the stolen vehicle register, ensure there is no write-off history and verify the mileage. Also available is a check to verify the vehicle has not been scrapped or has any third party interest. (outstanding finance). These vehicle checks are available to help you when purchasing a used vehicle to avoid future financial loss and possible safety issues. The used car market is still heavily abused by traders and private sellers and even with all the records maintained on UK vehicles, thousands are still slipping the net and being resold to unsuspecting used vehicle buyers.

A free vehicle identity check is available below to ensure the details are recorded correctly with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Please submit the relevant registration number you wish to check into the number plate verification plate below and wait for your on-screen report.

A recent new hurdle for potential buyers is the Log Book loan. In times of financial hardship, UK motorists are borrowing money against their cars. Securing finance against the vehicle title. Whilst this is a perfectly legitimate action, some people find themselves unable to repay the loan and rather than hand the vehicle to the company who has loaned the finance, they sell it instead. The buyer who has then not taken the time to perform a used vehicle check becomes liable in full for the outstanding amount. If they do not settle the debt, the rightful owner will repossess the vehicle and the buyer will lose everything.

The DVLA database stores information on every used UK vehicle. Check car data with direct access to the DVLA database information, verify UK vehicle identity with an instant vehicle registration number check!

And remember, these are no limit FREE UK VEHICLE CHECKS, do as many vehicle identity checks as you want for FREE!

Every used vehicle in the UK has verifiable history. The registration number is the unique number DVLA issue to the vehicle and is used to link all of the history and data recorded against it.

Every vehicle registration number is unique and used by the police in cases of accident or crime to identify the driver/keeper. Please note we say vehicle 'keeper' not owner. The named keeper may not necessarily be the legal owner! This is why the details must be accurate and why the keeper updates DVLA of any changes to the vehicle or the ownership. If you discover any discrepancies in the information UK Vehicle Check provides in any of our reports, do not proceed with the purchase. It may be that a previous owner has simply omitted to inform DVLA of a change and this can easily be rectified in most cases. It could, of course, be more sinister so regardless of whether it seems a great deal or how much you want to own the vehicle, delay the deal!

When previous owners fail to notify DVLA of changes such as engine replacement with a larger capacity engine, this can result in a future owner discovering their insurance cover being invalid. It may be that a larger replacement engine has been fitted, for example. This could be discovered during a vehicle inspection after an accident and the insurance company use this as a reason not to settle a claim. A UK vehicle check will verify the engine capacity registered to the vehicle, so if you are potentially buying a 1600cc model, it could be discovered that a previous owner has registered an engine size increase.A UK VEHICLE CHECK checks EVERY type of vehicle. Whether a Car Check, Van Check, Motorbike Check, Lorry check or any other type of UK vehicle check, we can search out any recorded detail on it by the registration number. Always ask the seller for the registration number prior to viewing the vehicle and verify the identity details recorded on the DVLA database! This database is the one we will check for you when doing your vehicle identity check!

You could even go as far as to do a full UK Vehicle Check to verify all the historical data recorded against it before viewing the vehicle, this will not only provide you with peace of mind, but may also provide you with an opportunity to negotiate the price should some history be discovered that is acceptable to you but lowers the value compared to the sellers asking price.

Entering ANY registration number from a used UK vehicle could help you avoid purchasing a stolen vehicle. It could also prevent you from owning a vehicle that has a third party interest resulting in you paying someone else's debt!

ALL OTHER CHECKS ARE CHARGED FOR WITH THE LOWEST COST CHECK BEING THE PREMIUM UK VEHICLE CHECK. Once you have started your vehicle check, you will be provided with various payment options dependent on the level of check you require and the checks that will be carried out. Please note that many companies offer what they describe as comprehensive checks but when you receive the report, some of the more costly data is not contained in it, thus subjecting you to further costs. Our reports are described accurately before payment and you can choose the information you require prior to payment.

Our £2.99 check will search the STOLEN VEHICLE REGISTER data to ensure any car you may be thinking of buying has not been reported stolen. This information is accessed by the police when they pull you over to check your vehicle and could save you your money AND the car!



From a car check to a van check, whether a public service vehicle a motorbike or a tractor, a UK vehicle check will provide you with an identity confirmation report without any payment required. Vehicle checks are unlimited so if you are considering the purchase of a used motor, you can carry out as many searches as you wish, all absolutely free.

If it has a UK REGISTRATION NUMBER, then you can do a check on it

Check vehicles registered with DVLA

Check car history, check van history or check motorbike history

Check commercial, agricultural or heavy goods vehicles.

You can have an instant online report and this can also be emailed to you.

Please do not risk buying a used vehicle, check out the history first!

1000's of vehicles have adverse history and much of it is recorded and readily accessible by simply entering the registration number and allowing our vehicle data check to search for you. All vehicle identity checks are not charges for and you can do unlimited searches on any type of vehicle.

By searching agencies such as VOSA and DVLA, along with insurance and finance data, you can be sure when you have done one of our checks, the vehicle you are buying has had every possible piece of information checked and reported on.

All UK registration numbers are registered with DVLA and a free vehicle identity check will confirm the registration number matches the correct vehicle.

Our premium checks provide the following information and much more -

Stolen vehicle check, scrapped vehicle check, write-off verification, mot history and much more.

Additional checks available to verify mileage and outstanding finance. Outstanding finance checks are imperative and proven to save buyers of used vehicles considerable losses.

The UK DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) hold records on ALL vehicles registered in the United Kingdom and a UK VEHICLE CHECK can provide data on ANY used vehicle you may be considering purchasing by accessing this data. If you want to confirm the identity of ANY used vehicle that has been registered for use on a public highway and issued with a valid registration number, our FREE UK Vehicle Check will instantly, on submission of the relevant registration number, provide you with the Make, Model, Colour and Year Registered.

As this is an online UK Vehicle Check, your results will be displayed INSTANTLY and FREE.

stealEVERY YEAR, 1000'S of vehicles are stolen and sold privately to unsuspecting buyers.
In one month alone in 2011, 9000 UK VEHICLE thefts were reported.
The figures for 2010 revealed over 160,000 vehicles stolen.
The Ford Transit topped the most stolen vehicle list.
UK VEHICLE CHECK can check ANY UK vehicle, so whether you want to do a Car Check, Van Check, Motorbike Check or any other UK Vehicle Check, by simply entering the registration number, you can verify it as being registered with THE DVLA.


One of the major pitfalls when buying a used vehicle is that you are reliant on the honesty of the seller and the history he provides with the vehicle he is selling. Most used cars that are only a few years old will come with verifiable service history which will specify the mileage at each service and the work carried out. There would normally be receipts for parts fitted and the level of service carried out.

However, if the seller claims to have lost or mislaid this information, then you would be unable to confirm how well the vehicle has been looked after or the mileage. Whilst the odometer may state a certain figure, it is a simple task to have it altered prior to sale. Mileage tampering is a major issue in the UK motor industry and previous checks have confirmed 1 in every 14 vehicles checked had mileage discrepancies!

Whilst there are various visible checks you can carry out that may reveal the likelihood of there being more miles on the vehicle than there are perhaps showing, by doing a UK VEHICLE CHECK mileage verification check, you will be able to gain access to any records of mileage that has been recorded by previous owners or submitted electronically when the vehicle has been for an MOT.

Note: If your used vehicle has an earlier mechanical odometer like the one pictured below, there could be visible signs of alteration!


Mileage fraud carried out on this type of odometer requires removal of the apparatus and manual adjustment.

This can result in a few visible defects such as the numbers being slightly misaligned, scratches on the dials or obvious signs of removal from the dash.

If you are suspicious that the mileage is incorrect or has been intentionally altered, then check mileage with a UK Vehicle Check mileage verification.

If the mileage has been registered at any time during the vehicle history, UK Vehicle Check will be able to retrieve those records and include them in a report for you to check.

Mechanical odometers will only now be found in older used vehicles. All later models are fitted with digital equipment and far easier altered and more difficult to identify. A search on the internet for mileage correction will provide you with a selection of specialists who you can take toe vehicle to have the mileage altered and many will do this based on your own statement as to why you need it done. The average cost is about 70 and the work carried out within 30 minutes.

Obviously when a reduction of several thousand miles can add several hundred pounds to the value, it is not an  uncommon occurrence to discover mileage fraud when doing a UK Vehicle Check vehicle history check.

carpic1VEHICLE REPOSSESSION is usually associated with not paying a loan and the finance company reclaiming the vehicle. However, did you realise that when you buy a used vehicle, you could lose it because someone else owes money on it? Or it is a stolen vehicle?
If the previous owner has an outstanding finance agreement and has not settled it, then the vehicle belongs to the third party lender and regardless of you having all the correct documentation and a receipt of purchase, you do NOT have legal title to it! It can be repossessed by the company who made the loan or you could be requested to pay off the outstanding debt in order to retain the vehicle. Outstanding finance is the only repossession risk. If the vehicle is found to be stolen, the Police will take the vehicle from you and return it to the legal owner, whether that be an insurance company of the person who suffered the loss. You will lose your money, your vehicle and receive NO compensation!

2012 has seen a major increase in used UK vehicles being sold and the seller not repaying the finance.

This is down to the economIc downturn causing sellers to re-route the money from the sale to repay other debts. If you do a UK Vehicle check, you can avoid purchasing a vehicle which may well be later repossessed.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to avoid repossession due to OUTSTANDING FINANCE

When you consider the the potential risks involved when buying a used UK vehicle, you begin to realise the value attached to a UK Vehicle Check. It's not just the risk of buying a stolen vehicle or having outstanding finance or mileage irregularities.

You could also end up buying a vehicle that has been recorded as a write-off, been reported as sold for scrap, been poorly repaired and potentially dangerous.

A UK VEHICLE CHECK could reveal all of the above and MORE!

From just 2.99 a UK VEHICLE CHECK will confirm whether the vehicle has been reported stolen, written off or scrapped. It will confirm colour changes, engine number, vin number, whether or not it is an import and many other checks.


As soon as your full UK VEHICLE CHECK is displayed, check the VIN and engine number match the details on the V5 Registration Document. The VIN number should ALWAYS match, the engine number could differ if a replacement engine has been fitted and the details not updated.

As soon as these details are confirmed and the colour, make and model are all recorded correctly, you should then know if the vehicle has any adverse history that could lead to a devaluation or a reason not to purchase it at all.

Our information is taken from agencies such as the DVLA, VOSA and other data storage organisations.

As you can see from the check points above, the risks when purchasing a used car from a private seller are considerable. Doing a UK Vehicle check can help you to avoid being the recipient of a vehicle that has adverse history or buying one that could be taken from you.

Your Uk Vehicle Check results are displayed instantly so you do not have to worry about losing a deal. The moment you have the registration number, you can check every point about the vehicle and this information will also be emailed to you free.

When you can do a UK Vehicle check and check vehicle history and technical data on ANY UK vehicle registered and issued with a registration number, there is no reason to run the risk of purchasing a vehicle that is stolen, has outstanding finance or has been scrapped or written off.

free car checks
 retrieve vehicle data stored with DVLA and display it online
for instant viewing. This free UK vehicle check is NOT emailed to you.

All other Uk Vehicle Check reports are instantly uploaded AND emailed to you.

All information provided by our UK vehicle data providers is taken for agencies including DVLA, VOSA, the Stolen Vehicle Register and various Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions that store data on UK vehicles.

Our present recommended UK Vehicle Data provider is constantly updating their records and adding additional data information to increase the level of search details.

When considering purchasing a used vehicle, we want you to be sure you are getting the most information
for the best price, thus ensuring you are getting the best UK vehicle you can for your money!



If this vehicle check reveals there is outstanding finance on the vehicle,
do not under any circumstances complete your purchase.

Arrange with the seller to pay what is outstanding and get written confirmation
that if you buy it, you will have legal title.

A UK Vehicle Check will access all data relevant to third party interest and confirm whether there is any debt owed on any car, van, motorbike or any other type of vehicle that is registered with DVLA to be used on a public highway.

It is no secret that when buying a second hand car, you have little in the way of rights. although under the trade descriptions act the vehicle should be suitable for the use it was sold for. This is pretty much the same with all goods whether sold privately OR commercially.

But unlike a garage where they are likely to correct any faults because they are bound by this rule or as a matter of customer satisfaction, when buying privately, once you have parted with your money, you will likely find it is down to you to resolve any problems.

The police would certainly not be interested if the engine turned out to be faulty or the gearbox packed up.

Just as they would not be interested if you discovered your vehicle had been written off and repaired.

They wouldn't be interested if you discovered there was finance outstanding either!

Of course, if you discovered it was stolen, they would be very interested! Interested enough to take the vehicle off you and return it to the person who had it stolen or to the insurance company who settled any claim.

UK Vehicle Check can verify instantly if this was the case, the stolen vehicle register is checked automatically when you do your 2.99 Premium Vehicle Check, so you don't ever have to worry!

In the motor trade, the type of search we provide tends to be referred to as an Hpi Check, but whilst our checks are of a similar nature and we access our car data from the same sources, due to Hpi Limited using the term 'hpi' as a trade mark, we avoid the use of this term to describe our similar check.

Our online car check provides substantial information on any vehicle that you enter the registration number of which includes all types of vehicles.

Although UK Vehicle Check can research all the previous history that has been registered against any used vehicle you may be considering buying, the mechanical and bodywork condition can only be verified with a visible inspection.

An older used vehicle with high mileage and low value will have considerable wear and tear in most cases but a newer, low mileage model should be in a good condition and reflect the price being asked.

If you are not particularly mechanically minded, you should always take someone with you that can do some basic checks to ensure the seller has described the vehicle honestly and the price he is asking is fair. You can request an inspection by one of the motoring organisations that although quite costly, will thoroughly inspect it and provide you with a full report.

If you are going to carry out your own check, ensure the bodywork reflects the price being asked. Repairs to paintwork can often be costly and require the vehicle to be off the road. Rust is the main culprit on most cars and even newer models, if they have sustained minor damage, can show signs of it. Check for peeling lacquer and scratches along with discoloration and scratches. Most vehicles will have stone chips on the bonnet.

Wheels and tyres should be inspected too. Tyres can be worn and wheels damaged which could result in additional cost on top of the purchase price.

Check the interior of the vehicle thoroughly too!

Make sure all of the controls function correctly, that the electric and manual windows go both up and down smoothly, that the sun roof, if fitted, opens and returns and shows no signs of leaking.
Switch the air conditioning on and ensure it works, check all the warning lamps that should go out when the engine is started, do so.

These are just some of the important vehicle checks you need to do yourself to compliment a UK Vehicle Check to ensure whatever vehicle you purchase, it will be safe, reliable, value for money and free from any future problems.

Did you know you can also check out agricultural vehicles and even PSV's?

Farm equipment is harder to steal but easier to conceal.

If it is a road licensed vehicle such as a tractor, it will have a registration number issued by DVLA and can therefore be searched by UK Vehicle Check in the same way as a car check. We will be able to provide a stolen uk vehicle check, verify write-off or scrap information and all the other vehicle history data recorded.



UK VEHICLE CHECK provides information on all used UK cars, vans, motorbikes, commercials, PSV's and agricultural vehicles.
DVLA data displayed using our free vehicle identity check will provide verification of make, model, year and colour. These are matched to the registration number check you have requested.

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